Busser Training


This role consists mainly in assisting servers to provide quality service to our guests. 

General Tips

  • Make eye contact with guests and address them in a friendly manner.
  • Always maintain communication with host, servers, bartenders and general manager
  • Please communicate with your manager if leaving your station (bathroom break, going outside to take trash out).
  • Water leaks are very serious in restaurant and have to be addressed immediately. Always remember that safety for our guests and coworkers is crucial.


Prepare complimentary chips and salsa baskets and deliver them to

Run food to tables when needed

Make sure tables have enough water left

Communicate guests’ requests or additional orders to servers 

Take dishes and empty them out at dish pit when guests are done

Take empty glassware, cans and bottles to sinks at bar area after having asked guests

Take all dishes to the back, dirty glassware to the bar, used butcher
paper to recycling in the back of kitchen when parties leave table

Ask servers where they want their table’s checkbooks left, and leave
them there after bussing tables

Communicate with host or server about seating plans for groups
waiting at Lounge, to reset tables accordingly.

Make sure all tables are reset appropriately: butcher paper on table,
napkin per clean fork, polished water glass per sitting. Wipe down
booth and chairs, also cloth on tables if necessary.

After resetting tables, make sure they are not shaky or wobbly to avoid guests from spilling drinks or food when seated

Restock the dining area stations with forks, napkins and glassware