Mexico Independence Day!

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September 16, 1810

El Grito de la Independencia (the Cry of Independence)

The day commemorates when progressive Catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo (Father of Mexican Independence) in 1810 made the cry for independence. He gave a riveting speech in the town of Dolores and rang the town’s church bells, signifying the beginning of the revolution.

The 11-year battle that resulted in Mexico’s independence culminated on Aug. 24, 1821, when Spain signed the Treaty of Córdoba, which formally recognized Mexican independence, after which nearly three centuries of Spanish colonial rule finally came to an end.

Every year on the night of Sept. 15, the president of Mexico stands and delivers a speech similar to Hidalgo’s and honors those who fought for the country’s independence. He also rings the same bell Hidalgo rang over 300 years ago.

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Did you know?…..Espolon Tequila brand labels depict illustrations representing National Pride.

Blanco- a charging into battle in the country’s 1810 revolution.

Reposado- an image of Mexico’s marketplace

Anejo- a dance of the forbidden Jarabe de Jalisco, a form of protest popularized in the years after the Mexican Revolution.

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