Bar back role


This position consists in assisting bartenders. Our bar back should be able to take drink orders, make drinks and help the bar with whatever is needed.

General tips

  • The colored polishing towels are exclusively for glassware. If dirty, leave them in designated area at bar.
  • The white towels are for drying water bottles and polishing glassware.
  • Maintain constant communication with the bartenders
  • Constantly scan BAR AREA and guests to better anticipate their needs; like fresh water and/or dirty plates and glassware
  • Washing and polishing all glassware and water bottles is very important and probably the most important part of this position
  • Maintain a friendly attitude and offer a smile making eye contact when interacting with our guests and coworkers.
  • Be ready to help provide the best service possible in a fast-paced environment. If you see the floor or carpet are dirty or wet; take the initiative to be grab a mop or broom. If you are too busy, communicate it to your manager.
  • Slower shifts: you can cut butcher paper, wipe windows and sliding glass doors
  • Always keep yourself busy and communicate with other team members in case they could use an extra hand.  
  • Keep an eye on trash on the floor, spills or any safety hazards. 
  • Go through opening and closing checklists at the beginning and at the end of your shift.


Keep glassware and water bottles washed, dried and/or polished.

Prepare garnishes, ensure the bar is well stocked with napkins, straws, glassware, garnishes and all other necessities. Wear gloves when cutting garnishes.

Assist with making drinks when needed.

Wipe down bar and tables immediately after guests leave the restaurant and reset for next table

Check all tables for dirty plates and glassware in the bar area. Check all tables for empty water bottles and ask the table if they would like a replacement.

Take bus tubs with dirty dishes to the dish pit when full, scrape food off plates and stack them neatly in the appropriate spot, rinse bus tub and return it to the bar.

Ensure there is always enough back up tequila, liquor, beers and sodas.

Keep ice bins filled.

Make sure clean towels and polishing rags are available.

Be aware of the 3 sinks behind the bar (washing, rinsing, and sanitizing). Change out the when needed.

At the end of your shift, communicate with host about taking recycling and trash out.