Host Role


This is one of the most important positions in the restaurant. You’re the first and last person that our guests will see. You also will decide the speed of rotation and flow of the restaurant. Assisting in maintaining the cleanliness of the restaurant is another important task for our host. This entails making sure the outside (including patio), entrance and waiting area are free of trash, removing empty glassware and bringing it to the bar, cleaning the windows and doors (inside and out), vacuuming the carpet and dusting throughout the restaurant.

Here are the standard guidelines for hosting:

  1. When guests enter the building, greet them in a friendly manner. If there are seating options, ask them if they prefer sitting in our dining area, the bar, a high top in the bar area. If there’s no available seating, provide them an estimated wait time by saying “we’re estimating a __ minute wait”. If they are willing to wait, enter their name, phone number and party to our Waitlist app and tell them they will receive a text when their table is ready. If there is available seating in the waiting area, suggest that the group has a seat and order a drink, water and/or chips and salsa from the cocktail server. Before seating a table, communicate with the servers and bartenders to see if they are ready for them. 
  2. Checks created in the waiting area can easily be transferred to a table. It is VERY important that the host communicates to the cocktail server that guests have moved to a table and the drinks need to be transferred immediately.
  3. When a table is ready to be seated, bring water and chips and salsa to the table BEFORE seating them. This will make things easier for you – you won’t have to excuse yourself for reaching over guests while they’re getting seated. Use a tray to assist guests with bringing drinks they might have ordered in the waiting area. Make eye contact and wish them a pleasant meal before leaving the table.
  4. Phone: You are in charge of answering phone calls and replying to voice mails, if the issue doesn’t require a manager’s assistance. Answer the phone when we’re slow, but if we get busy your priority is the guest in front of you, let it go to voicemail. You can listen to any messages when you have some down time. Answer the phone by saying “Thank you for calling Pepe Osaks’s, this is __________. How can I help you?”, whenever you are able. Inform guests that we do not take reservations, but that they can grab a drink while waiting for table. At the end of the conversation, always finish with a thank you.
  5. Check voicemails when you see the red light flashing in the upper right-hand corner of the phone. The steps are: pick up the receiver, hit the envelope button (left-hand side, middle button), press 1 and 1 again, once you have listened to the message and no longer need to save it, press 7. When you’re done, hang up..

General Tips

  • Remember to always greet guests with a smile and a welcoming voice.
  • Estimating waiting times depends on the speed of rotation of the servers working the shift and the average time guests spend at a table. If possible, update guests that have been waiting past their quoted time of their status that are seated in our waiting area. If you happen to see their drinks are low, offer them another and bring them fresh bottles of water when needed.
  • Also being a small restaurant, we can sometimes fit 3 people in a table for two (if it’s 2 adults and a small child) or 5 people at a 4 top table, etc.
  • We don’t have high chairs or booster seats. Also, we don’t have a kids menu but can modify food items to their preference. If there are children under 21 in the group, the bar is NOT and option for seating. Add the guests to Waitlist and quote them a time.
  • We do not sit incomplete parties or take reservations, our policy is first come first serve. Make sure to communicate this to our guest to prevent any confusion or upset guests. If the group was incomplete, add them to Waitlst and let you know when the party is complete to start planning the arrangement for their table.
  • Inform bartenders and servers know when guests are seated in their section.
  • Keep an eye out for tables that are waiting for their credit cards to be run. You can politely ask them if it’s ok for you to hand the check presenter off to their server.
  • When you’re able, take a walk through the restaurant to see if any tables need to be bussed.
  • The bar seats and high tops are not open seating when we’re on a wait. They are apart of the waiting list. 
  • To go orders: First, check with the manager on duty to see if we are accepting to go orders. You as the host and the manager on duty will most likely have the responsibility of accepting the orders and communicating with the kitchen (this includes Crudo) to see if to go orders can be accepted that are in the system or it needs to be turned off. To go orders are rung in under #3333
  • Please communicate with your manager if leaving your station (bathroom break, going outside to take trash out).
  • If you believe you’re done, make sure to double check and ask managers if they have any more tasks for you before leaving. If you have any doubts, always ask: we are a team. 

Opening Checklist

Set up Host Station. Make sure your tablet with Waitlist is on and fully charged and there are crayons in cups for kids

Sweep the restaurant’s entrance or shovel snow when needed.

Be a second set of eyes for the servers and check that bathrooms are clean and stocked with soap, toilet paper and paper towels

Dust Hallway near emergency exit

Windex windows and glass surfaces (this includes the inside and outside of all doors

Wipe down inside and outside (when needed) of emergency exit door

Know what section corresponds to what server

Check all messages on the phone. Reply to voicemails

Closing Checklist

Wipe down menus and checkbooks

Take out recycling and trash 

Wipe down the chip warmer (including handles) and make sure all the chip bins are full
Check with your front of the house team members for any tasks you can assist them in completing

Check voice mails

Slow shift tasks

Windex glass and windows

Cut butcher paper for the tables

Wipe down objects in our hallway display

Organize and wipe down host station shelves

Check with bar for any soda restocking