Host Role


This role is very important. You’re the first and last person that our guests will see. Also you will decide the speed of rotation and flow of guests in the restaurant. Maintaining the cleanliness of the restaurant is another important task for our host. Make sure the outside, the entrance and lounge area are trash-free, keeping the windows and door clean, maintaining the carpet clean and hallway dust free.

Here’s a standard guideline for hosting at Pepe’s.

  1. When guests come in, greet them in a friendly manner. Ask them if they prefer sitting at our dinning area, bar, high tops or crudo bar (depending on what areas we have available at their arrival time). If there wasn’t available seating, take their names and number of group, make a note of their arrival time, and give them an estimated waiting time by saying “we’re estimating a __ minute wait”
  2. Invite them to the Lounge area while they wait. Offer them a bottle of water and cups, also make sure they have menus to check out while waiting. Let them know to approach the bar when ready to order appetizers or drinks.
  3. Before sitting people, communicate with servers and bartenders to make sure they are ready for them.  Follow a rotation when tables on both sections are available. 
  4. Also make sure with bartenders if they have closed up their bar tab before taking them to their table.
  5. When table, high top or bar spot is ready for guests waiting, take them to their seats, bring them water and make sure you’re delivering clean menus. Use a tray to bring drinks or appetizers that they might have ordered at lounge. Make eye contact and wish them a pleasant meal before leaving.  Make small conversation on the short walk to their tables.
  6. Come back to your station. Repeat.

General Tips

  • Remember to always greet guests with a smile and to maintain a proper posture.
  • Estimating waiting times at our restaurant will depend on the speed of rotation of the servers working the shift, and on the average time guests might be taking at the moment. Update guests waiting about the status of the restaurant’s flow, try to entertain them so that they’re enjoying themselves while waiting. 
  • Also being a small restaurant, we can sometimes fit 3 people in a table for two, or 5 people in two tables (it’d depend if guests were small or children and with previous approval of the guest). 
  • We don’t have high chairs or baby booths. We don’t have a kids menu but can modify food items to their preference. If there were small children in the group, offer only the dining area since we consider our bar setting might not be appropriate for kids.
  • We do not sit incomplete parties or take reservations, our policy is first come first serve. Make sure to communicate with our guest to prevent angry guests. If the group was incomplete, ask them to please let you know when the party is complete to start planning the arrangement for their tables.
  • Let bartenders and servers know when seating guests at their section. Make sure to keep an eye on tables in case there were cards to run or tables to be bussed.
  • The bar seats and high tops are not open seating when having a long wait. They also have to follow the waiting list. 
  • Phone: We can answer phones when slow, but if we get busy your priority is the guest in front of you, then phone needs to be put in the back. You will be in charge of answering phone calls and replying to voice mails.
    This is the standard greeting for phone calls: Hello; this is Pepe Osaka’s; (your name) speaking, how may I help you? Inform guests about us not taking reservations, but that they can grab a drink and or appetizer while waiting for table. At the end of the conversation, always finish with a thank you.
  • To go orders: During busy shifts, we do not take to go orders, even from seating guests. Always ask the kitchen before ringing in a to go order. To go orders cannot be for more than 10 tacos or for more than 4 people. If there’s a lot of appetizers or Crudo orders, make sure to first ask the Crudo cook. To go orders are rung in under number #3333
  • Please communicate with your manager if leaving your station (bathroom break, going outside to take trash out).
  • If you believe you’re done, make sure to double check and ask managers if they have any more tasks for you before leaving. If you have any doubts, always ask: we are a team. 

Opening Checklist

Set up Host Station. Make sure you have enough paper, pens, clean menus

Sweep restaurant’s entrance

Check that bathrooms are clean and stocked with soap, toilet paper and paper towels

Dust Hallway

Windex windows and glass surfaces

Wipe down door

Get waters from fridge

Know what section corresponds to what server

Check all messages on the phone. Reply to voicemails

Closing Checklist

Wipe down menus and checkbooks

Take out recycling and trash 

Close all to go tickets, print out report and complete Tip Log for cooks

Check voice mails

Slow shift tasks

Windex glass and windows

Cut butcher paper for dining area tables and small lounge tables

Wipe down objects in our hallway display

Organize and wipe down host station shelf

Check with bar if any soda restocking should be done