Standard Service Guideline

This is the Standard Service Guideline for Servers and Bartenders.
At Pepe Osaka’s, we strive to provide the best guest service and quality food and drinks. 

Here we present the standard service guideline that all Front of the house employees must follow when working with us.

  1. After guests have been seated, within 2 minutes, approach them in a friendly manner with a smile and making eye contact,  greet all members of party and introduce yourself. 
  2. Ask them if it’s their first time in our restaurant. If it was, introduce them to our concept. If they are familiar with the restaurant, thank their loyalty.
  3. Present them the specials, items that we’re out of, items that we’re trying to push. 
  4. If they are new to the restaurant, ask them if they would like any recommendations (your opportunity here to offer them your favorite items, and upsale).
  5. If they seem to know what they want to drink, take their drink orders. If any of the guests looks younger than 40, ask for identification.
  6. Ask them if they have any questions about the menu. 
  7. Beverage orders should be brought to the table within 4 minutes of having ordered them.
  8. If they had ordered any bottle or can products, offered them to bring extra glassware.
  9. Come back to the table and check on their drinks. Offer appetizer orders, take their starter orders.
  10. Repeat their orders back to them, making eye contact, before leaving table to ring up items.
  11. Bring appetizer and share plates. Appetizers should be delivered within 12 minutes of having ordered them. Announce dishes while setting them on table. Ask if you can bring anything else while they think on their main meal orders. 
  12. Come back and check on their satisfaction with their appetizer. 
  13. Answer any more questions they might have before ordering their main meal. If there were kids or older people in the group, make sure that they are okay with the possibly spicy items in their food. Take their orders.
  14. Bring their food.  Food should come up within 5-10 minutes after having ordered them.
  15. Come back and check on their food. 
  16. Offer them dessert drinks or after-dinner high end tequila shots.
  17. Ask them if they need anything else before bringing their check.
  18. Print out their check and read it before bringing it to the table, to make sure every item has been rung in correctly and the numbers look good.
  19. Thank them sincerely making eye contact while bringing them their check and fortune cookies.
  20. Run their card and thank them again, wishing them a nice evening and hoping to see them back.

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