WELCOME to our team! We have selected you to be part of the Pepe Osaka’s team as a crucial component to make the dream of Pepe Osaka’s a reality. We believe that your growth is our growth. We want to give you all the tools necessary for you to succeed. We hope you take pride in being part of this great restaurant as we do.

Teamwork is essential to keep us thriving and growing; which with hard work and commitment can be achieved. Our goal is to become and remain the best restaurant in Winter Park (after all we already have best margaritas 4 years in a row and best sushi). And to be the best, we need to have the best service – attentive, friendly and fast. As well as the best food and drinks – consistent, fresh, on point.

We want to give our guests more than a great meal. We want them to have an overall amazing experience that excites all the senses. 

We welcome you and hope that you grow and achieve more success with us. We believe that our Team Members, you, help shape the success of Pepe Osaka’s through your constructive suggestions, involvement and care.

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