Knowledge Base

At Pepe Osaka’s, we pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of our products. The more you know about our products, the better able you are to serve guests and upsell appropriately. We make concerted efforts to inform our staff about all new products. We also expect that all our team members will seek to learn about our offerings. We are a tequila bar; you need to be able to differentiate between our tequilas – where they come from, how they are aged, what are the differences in aroma and flavor, etc. We encourage learning – if you don’t know the answer, please go find out from someone who does. It is okay to say “I don’t know, let me find out for you.” Not only will the knowledge stick, the guest will appreciate the effort. 

Pepe Osaka’s bar is also a sports bar. As such, bartenders should make themselves aware of major matches, be knowledgeable about the sports packages offered, and make sure appropriate sports shows are being played on all tvs. TVs are all first come, first-served. The bar opens half an hour early on Sundays during football season. Bartenders must also be aware of particular game day specials, such as the game plate.

As in any restaurant, food safety is especially important. It is expected that all staff will be up to date on current safe food handling practices. In the bar, this includes regular hand washing; three-sink glassware washing system (sanitize for a minimum of 60 seconds); wearing gloves while cutting fruit; and proper dating, initialing, and handling of perishables.