Our team at Pepe’s is small. This means that teamwork is especially important. There are no actions that you take that do not impact someone else in the restaurant. This is particularly true in the bar because we manage a cash drawer and share tips. (Note: only bartenders are allowed to access the cash drawer. Other restaurant staff are not allowed to make change, they must ask a bartender). We ask that all team members strive to help each other, ask for help when needed, and communicate continuously in order to ensure the best guest experience possible. If you are finding yourself with a free moment, actively look to find where you can help out, even if it is not “the bar’s responsibility.” We are a family at Pepe’s, and are working toward a unified goal. As such, we strive to create an inclusive atmosphere where people feel valued and respected. 

As on all teams, there will be times when conflicts arise. We ask that you treat your coworkers with respect at all times. If you are unable to resolve a conflict between yourself and another staff member, please let a manager or owner know as soon as possible so we can all work to find a solution. Tiny conflicts in small environments create big conflicts quickly.