Main Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities

Bartenders are responsible for setting up the bar, maintaining a clean work area, and closing the bar at the end of shifts. Delivering quality customer service is imperative; however, it is also critical to do a quality job with opening and closing duties. Failure to do so makes your job harder, hurts the team as a whole, and affects the restaurant’s ability to provide elevated hospitality.

Opening and closing duties are listed on checklists found in the host station. In addition to the discrete items listed, there are a few things to note. The lounge, high tops and guest bar side are always a critical first set up for a bartender; appearances in this area are most important in creating guests’ first impressions. While all opening duties are important, ensure that fruit is cut and all juices and fusions are stocked so that you are ready to greet customers as soon as they arrive. Once dinner service begins:

  1. Greet guests in a friendly and timely manner. If needed, present them with our beverage menu
  2. Inform guests of drink and dinner specials; make appropriate recommendations based on customer desire and your expertise
  3. Check identification of guests to verify they are of legal drinking age 
  4. Prepare and serve alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks in accordance with Pepe Osaka’s standard bar recipes. Mix and garnish all margaritas accurately.
  5. Serve all guests chips and salsa shortly after they have been seated. Lounge guests are to be only served chips and salsa upon request because they have not been seated for dinner or lunch and will be receiving them at the table.
  6. Take orders directly from guests in lounge and high top tables, using tablets to ensure all orders are entered correctly and quickly. Guests in the lounge are not allowed to order entrees. However, lounge guests are able to order drinks and appetizers. 
  7. Deliver food (and drink) to correct table and seat position. Upserve allows for the inputting of seat numbers. Know which item goes to which guest before approaching table. Announce the item as you place it in front of the guest.
  8. Check back on the table within two minutes; ensure guests are enjoying their food and drink, and ask if they need anything else.
  9. Deliver checks in a timely manner, after dishes have been cleared and you have asked if they would like anything else. In the case of lounge guests, immediately drop the check after their drinks and/or appetizers have been delivered. This allows them to quickly pay their tab before they are seated in the dining room. 
  10.  If at any time during dinner service you encounter a guest who is unhappy with their experience, please immediately inform an owner, or manager on duty. There will always be someone in this position present during service. While we recognize your breadth of experience, please do not attempt to resolve guest complaints on your own. Always involve an owner or manager.